Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Schtuff!

Work has been making me a little batty lately, and for some reason that means all I want to do is come home and make fruit themed outfits. It started with the shoes I painted to look like watermelons, followed by the dress I hand-block printed with potato stamps into a watermelon print... (Sadly, the only pictures of those two so far are the ones on Instagram)

I moved on to make the watermelon bunting/party banner necklace. It is formed out of slices of polymer clay watermelon triangles that I made myself, and strung on real leather cord with a metal clasp in the back.

Followed by the Watermelon Peter Pan collar, which is a particular new favorite of mine. It's cut out of dyed pieces of leather affixed with jewelers adhesive. It ties in the back with thin strips of black leather cording, and is bedazzled with tiny black rhinestones for the seeds.

When I felt like I had exhausted the best possible watermelon options, I went ahead and moved on to other fruits. I'm a particular fan of what I am now calling the 'Strawberry Fields Forever' dress

An ink pad made with permanent fabric ink makes it so that along with the custom stamp I made, every garment I make now has a coordinated Woolly Mammoth tag :-)
And the 'Cherry Bomb' tank top that came after it. As you can see, once the cherry tank was finished, I liked the pattern so much that I kept right on making more of them. 

Also, I haven't found the PERFECT lobster fabric yet, but this one is pretty close... Who doesn't need a lobster skirt with giant red rick rack trim? Yeah, that happened.