Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two-Ring Circus

So, the dress is finally finished! Once I had bought the new batch of fabric and gotten down to the knitty gritty sewing it only took about 48 hours to make the dress start to finish. It's off at the tailor shop getting hemmed ( I could have done it myself, but the elongated shape would have been tricky and I wanted it to be very precise). I actually enjoy hand-hemming all of the garments I've made, but I'm a little particular about the quality, and couldn't allow myself as much time as I would have liked to do it right.

With the dress finished all of the other crafty wedding projects are exploding onto my to-do list. I shopped this week for the materials to make the jewelry and clutch purses for my brides ladies, helped Mr. Mammoth purchase the rest of his snazzy wedding clothes, and ordered envelopes and a return address stamp (in Pica font, which is exciting for reasons I will explain in my next post :-).

Today we ordered our rings, which I'm kind of dying to see and try on. We spent a lot of months deliberating over what sort of rings we wanted, and I had originally picked out a beautiful white gold and gemstone ring by an artist called Paul Hapip who we had seen at the KIA Art Fair Last June. Unfortunately Paul had nearly quadrupled his prices since we had seen him, and we could no longer afford his work.

After that we looked at some of the swanky new finger print bands that were popping up on Etsy (you could have your ring engraved with your spouses fingerprint), but somehow I never felt sure. We looked at a men's band inlaid with meteorite, and some that were inlaid with wood, but the meteorite was on the high end of our price range and I was concerned that the wood inlays might not stand the test of time.

On a whim I ran an etsy search for 'inlaid rings' and lo and behold, I found the unicorn of all inlays... Dinosaur bone! Both bands are sterling silver, and Mr. Mammoth's band from Mtroyalgems is inlaid with five strips of three different shades of fossilized dinosaur bone.

My ring is from Jewelerjim is inlaid with two strips of fossilized dinosaur bone centered by a raspberry colored sapphire.

 I'm fairly certain that they are appropriately nerdy for us, and it's going to be really antsy around here while I wait for them to show up in the mailbox!