Friday, August 28, 2015

Farm Stand Update!

I've been gradually adding to the farm stand all summer, which is sometimes difficult since I committed to making the fruits, veggies, etc, ONLY out of recycled fabrics. This means that even if I really want to make cauliflower, it can't happen until I find something suitable that can be recycled into the object I'm wanting to make. The one exception to this so far is that the new pasta options are made from new eco felt, since I couldn't find something suitable in that color.

The fill farm stand now includes: rainbow trout, free range chickens and eggs, bowtie pasta and ravioli, clementines, mushrooms, bicolor sweet corn, kiwi fruits (which look a bit like potatoes in this photo), carrots, heirloom tomatoes in assorted varieties, slices of cantaloupe melon, Detroit red beets, yellow and green squash, eggplants, soft pretzels, strawberries, purple and green asparagus, pickles, and pineapples (my personal favorite). 

The chicken and eggs are the newest addition to the farm stand, having literally been made in between photo shoots yesterday! Our sweet hen is made from vintage houndstooth cotton, and a scrap of red wool from an old skirt. she has machine quilted wings and tail, and child safe eyes. The eggs are needle felted and made from raw un-dyed wool from a farm in Allegan, Michigan.

The bow tie pasta and ravioli are both made from new eco-felt, which is made from recycled post consumer plastics.

I really love the pineapples, which were made from a vintage woven wool table cloth, and have varying shades of handmade pom pom toppers. I weighted them a little bit in the bottom of each one so they truly feel like a real pineapple!

The crate of clementines is also new, and they were all made from a textured fleece sport jacket. 

Most of the play food can be found in our Etsy shop, and is only available in limited quantities. Since each variety is made from recycled fabrics, once they are sold out, they're gone forever!

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