Friday, August 28, 2015

Block Printing!

I've been frying my brain the past few weeks developing new ideas for the fall and holiday show season, and I find that the best way to relax and unwind is to do some sort of methodical repetitive task. In the past I have enjoyed such things as washing dishes and folding laundry, but I recently re-discovered block printing, and it's totally my jam now. 

I started with making 'The Cat's Pajamas' because there's nothing better than an art project and a bad joke rolled into one. I carved my own stamp, modified an already existing pattern for the underwear, and drafted my own racer back tank pattern based on a hodgepodge of tops I already own and like. The grey set is made out of a fabric I bought at a discount fabric store on the east side of the state, and the orange set is made from an XXL men's golf shirt I bought at a thrift store and re-purposed.

I used a black and white four-way stretch knit for the waist band and leg openings, and then made matching cat face masks out of a glittery  sequined boucle sweater knit. The cat mask for the orange set is backed with a scrap of orange silk taffeta, and the other is backed in black quilting cotton. All of the garment seams were serged or finished with a double needle appropriate for stretch knits. I have lots of plans for more sets with other prints and patterns, and I'm hoping to have these up on Etsy within the next week.

The second stamp I carved was a saguaro cactus. I plan on making a 'prickly pair' top and bottom set with it, but in the meantime I started by taking apart a thrifted suede skirt and printing some panels that I used to make a fold over leather clutch purse. It's fully lined, and I printed it using a specialty stamp pad that's loaded with fabric ink. 

I'm keeping my eye out for more suede or leather garments I can take apart to make more clutches! I currently only have two of these bags available, and they will be for sale this Friday at The Go Roundss new album release show here in Kalamazoo. If either of them are left after that, I will toss them up on Etsy!

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