Monday, July 9, 2012

The Dress

Finally, the post you've all been waiting for; the one about the wedding dress! In its completed form, it was made from  creamy white 100% Ultra-fine Italian Merino wool. It was gloriously lightweight and breathable, with a natural two-directional stretch that helped it lay nicely, not wrinkle at all, and hug in the bust area where I needed good fit.

It was lined with the 100% silk that I had originally intended to make the entire piece out of, but had too many problems with (see previous dress post for details). It had built in pockets so that I could carry the 1921 silver dollar my Great Grandfather carried in his pocket on his wedding day. I hand braided the straps out of a thin strand of mesh, and two strips of beautiful 1/8 inch silk ribbon in the same shade as the dress.

Our wonderful photographer friend, Casey Spring was kind enough to shoot some photos of me in the dress before it was painted. In the pictures you can see it both loose, and bustled. I will post soon with photos of the original paint sketches, and the final, painted dress!

The front!
The side!
The back!

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